Happy Easter everyone. To celebrate my favorite candy holiday, I'd like to take a minute to talk about peep rehabilitation.

Have you ever gotten a box of peeps, removed the chicks from the box, and noticed that several peeps are still together and one is by his lonesome?

He's being rejected by his peep peers for being damaged. Notice his white marshmallowy goodness showing. Look into his eyes--his sadness is clearly apparent. But, there's a way to make this situation better through minor, non-invasive surgery. In the box, there's usualy yellow sugar coating the bottom of the tray--probably from the peeps getting bumped around on their journey. This is the medicine that will cure your peep. Lightly hold your peep and sweep him alongside the sugary goodness...his marshmallow insides will take hold of the sugar and behold, he is whole again.


Immediately, his friends notice that he is just like them and they welcome him back to the group. Look how happy they all are together again, totally unaware that their journey doesn't end here, but in my stomach. 


Slightly ahead of the game (or maybe just in time), we’re debuting some new Mother’s Day cards all of which are available for purchase on Etsy!

Continuing with our obsession with watercolor, we have two very different cards to choose from: Bold and bright or subtle and delicate. Our third option is very simple—text—because Mother’s Day is the day to tell mom just how awesome she is. 

We hope that you like our 2014 selection! If you are looking for something custom, just send us a message!







Rugs are a tricky animal. And, full disclosure here, this rug will most likely be moved if/when I can acquire a slightly larger one. Even so, it's the perfect pattern/color scheme that I've been looking for. Unfortunately, older (antique) rugs typically have irregular sizing--this one is no exception at 4.5 x 7.2--making it hard to use them as an area rug (too small unless you get room size) or as an accent rug (too large for most places like an entry-way). 

The most popular/easily accesible Persian rugs tend to be Heriz or Tabriz..(and don't forget Febreze). There's no confirmation on what this rug is, but my guess is that it's a Touserkan rug and that it's probably 80-100 years old. Oh, and it's in perfect condition, too. Note the single weft knottings. Sidenote: if you just google single weft, you'll get information on how to find the best hair weave...

As far as patterns go, I'm more of a geometric kind of gal...so much so that I even like my florals to be geometric...and I prefer a tightly packed design in the navy-turquoise-coral color family. 

Just look at the stunning patterns, colors, and craftsmanship that goes into making a Persian rug. Now, if I can just find this bad boy in an 8ish x 10ish...talk about work of art, right?


We're working on Mother's Day cards over here, but I just needed to pause and tell you how awsome the office supply section at Target is right now. Seriously. Gold Swingline staplers and scissors (these are already on my google doc birthday list (nevermind that my birthday is 7 months away)), gold paper files, chevron, desk globes, pencil holders, pinboards...makes me want to update the office. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like anything is up on target.com yet, but Threshold / Nate Berkus / RE nailed it this time. 

Doesn't this just make you want to file papers all day? Like as your job? No...just me? 






Driving home the other night I started really paying attention to how much gas I was using...or in this case, conserving. The VW Jetta Sportswagen TDI (clean diesel) is kind of amazing, and you haven't even seen the sunroof yet. It's massive. Look:


I have to admit, I also secretly love going to the gas station and pulling up to the diesel pump, resting alongside trucks and other service vehicles.  

Despite the entirely horrible experience we had buying this car from here, we love our Jetta. As a family of VW owners, (let's see here, my dad had a Beetle, my mom has a Passat wagon, and our other car is a Golf) I never thought about being brand loyal, but I have to admit, driving this car makes me feel pretty awesome. And, when I'm watching the screen and seeing how many nickels and dimes I'm saving on gas, I instinctly drive slower, keeping myself in first gear for as long as possible (that's what the "1" means on that other dial, right?). So, you can now catch me in the right lane, in no particular rush to get anywhere, just enjoying myself. Don't worry, I'm still blasting my music. Gatta keep it real, amirite? 

Best part? We are finally getting the back-up camera installed on Sunday. I've had the part rolling around in my trunk for almost 4.5 months. Three cheers for a safety feature that was supposed to come standard on your first brand-new car. Oh, and three non-cheers for the awful sales guy who completely hosed you on the way out. 


The windows are open. Ok, it's only one window and it's cracked...but it's something. The sun, the wind, the temps in the 60s, all of that has me thinking about spring--and dare I even utter the word summer

I came up with a super fast craft project that would work well with any decor style using beach glass and shells. I know what you're thinking, but this is a far cry from the sea shell artwork I keep seeing in the thrift stores. Why would you take shells, glue them to cardboard, and then frame it? Maybe I'm asking the wrong question. Maybe I should be asking, "Why on earth would you ever get rid of something so amazing?" Anyway, onto the project. Here's what you'll need:

Aside from sand and glass/shells, you'll need some kind of vase/vessel to create your sand and shell art. I actually bought two types of sand--the very basic, beach variety and one with a little more shimmer to it. Both are from Michaels. Then, I started looking for shells and beach glass and luckily I found a super sweet mix at Home Goods where I also picked up this leather-straped glass lantern. 

















I hope you're really paying attention because the next step is extremely complicated and involved. I opened both bags of sand, and haphazardly dumped in both types, making sweet, sweet layers, all the while, tossing in the shells and glass. Like I said--complex. The shells came wth a small bag of scented beads, so I tossed those in on top. They definitely remind me of the beach, or at the very least, a clean load of laundry.

A super easy and cheerful centerpiece or table topper! I'm also secretly hoping that the mix of sand, glass and beach scents somehow gives this lantern magical weather powers that can bring us Chicagoans some warm, beach weather. 



This Bench has been a DIY in progress for 4 months, which is funny because it was supposed to be a fairly simple bench to make. I had these grand schemes of making/building everyone something super awesome for Christmas so I made sure that I started plently early to allow myself enough DIY time. I bought the wood and sanded it back in mid-November...pre-Chiberia, knowing that the first few stages of this bench would require an outdoor workspace. And, luckily, the top of the bench went pretty smoothly, but then we hit a snag during the home stretch--my idea of making hairpin legs turned out to be an epic fail. We worked on this guy up until the last minute, exhausting any and all possible options, which led to an awesome Christmas Eve morning running around Home Depot buying back up gifts. 

Despite everything, we still wanted to finish the bench as a gift for my father-in-law, so our new timeframe was mid-March...and spoiler alert, we made it by the skin of our teeth. (Teeth have skin? Gross.)  

The first step was getting the wood. I picked out a nice 2x12 that was 8 ft long which I had cut into two pieces (because last I checked, two is better than one). I got both boards home and immediately beat them up with some chains, a mallet, and some screws (which was super fun). Then I sanded the wood down to give it a slightly irregular, worn and smooth look. 


Easy peasy so far. Next up came the stain. I decided to make a homemade concoction using black tea. Apparently tea brings out the tannins in the wood which give it a rustic look. I decided to apply the stain with 0000 steel wool that I soaked in a completely random mixture of distilled and cider vinegar for about an hour. Despite reading loads of tutorials on letting the steel wool marinate overnight, 1.) I didn't want the wood too dark and 2.) I'm incredibly impatient.


















It took three coats of stain for the look I was going for and it smelled awful. Not the stain, but the steel wool. Seriously, it was really gross. But I knew the smell would fade eventually so I pressed onward.

Here's the wood top all finished with two coats of water-based satin polyurethane. I went back and forth on using a poly, but decided that since people would be sitting on this it was probably a good idea to seal it. 

Ok, here we go. The legs parts. So my original plan was do to hairpin legs similar to the coffee table/bench we have in our living room. I probably spent 20 bucks on the rods that Kevin bent for me but they were too unstable. We both tried sitting on the bench and it was so comical we should have taken videos of the legs splaying out from underneath us. I guess it's funny now..it was not funny at the time, not on December 23, at 1:00am when we thought we are almost done with this and our plan took a nose-dive and left us in panic mode. 

So, guess what, this Christmas present turned into a birthday present. We took a step back and ignored this guy for several months until we could come up with a better leg solution. I left it up to Kevin because he's got a better brain for stuff like that and he came up with an awesome design using a series of pipes (not to be confused with the internet, which is a series of tubes) that gave the bench a pretty sweet indrustrial look, but not in that overwhelming trendy sense. 

I totally love how the bench turned out. It's the bomb.com. I definitely thought about keeping it...but then I remembered that I have that other piece of wood all stained, poly-ed, and ready to go...


Spring is sorta here and we've got a new birthday card to celebrate. Check out this new digital watercolor print with simple text and loads of cheer. Kinda wish my birthday was coming up so I could gift myself with this beauty. Buy it now on Etsy!





So I found another use for my super stylish pig bookends. I think Mr. Bacon looks quite stately on top of that marble slab, don't you?


If you're a frequent reader here and you should be, then it's no surprise that I love all things Scandinavian. Back in 2012 we took a trip to Denmark and Sweden and I completely feel in love with all of it...but if I had to pick one place in particular, it would be the town of Gotland on the island of Visby.


We stayed at a bed and breakfast because what's more fun than hanging out with locals and getting that home-y feel? And the beds... amazing. Here's a photo of the bed from Gotland. It's actually two twin beds pushed together so each has their own sheet and blanket with a twin-sized folded duvet on top.

I've wanted to do this forever but since we have a queen-sized bed I had to modified my plans. So, after a lot of thought, I bought a black cotton blanket and a queen-sized duvet (both from IKEA) that I folded ontop for a similar look...

and I love it. It does take a few extra minutes every morning for me to fold the blanket underneath since it's a tight fit, but you know what, it's worth it. 

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