A few weeks ago during a run on the lake path I snapped a quick photo of the view. Fourteen years ago (yikes) when I semi-permanently moved to Chicago to go to college, I was extremely lucky enough to live right on the water, with even a few of those years having a sandy beach for my backyard. I vividly remember going to my first college class ever--Early European History--and being told by the teacher that despite living right on the lake, I would end up taking it for granted. That I would walk by it everyday and forget that it's there and forget that it's beautiful. And I said, "No way, not gonna happen." And you know what, it didn't. I spent 7 years living on the lake--first in Roger's Park and then in Edgewater--and I spent 5  of those years roadbiking that lake path every morning, mosty alone during the quite 6am hour, breathing in the fresh air and listening to whatever mixes I had made for that week. Then I'd get home, quickly get ready and hop on the train to get downtown for work. At 5pm I'd rush home to get back on my bike again to log another 15 miles, riding toward downtown, circling Oak Street beach, and finally heading north to make it home just as the sun set.

It's my very own place that just happens to be a place for everyone else. I had an extremely scary bike accident on this path at the Belmont Harbor entrance. I've lived off the Ardmore entrace and the Berwyn entrace. Kevin and I got engaged right off the Fullerton entrance... Funny how a stretch of concrete is responsible for so many years of memories. I think everyone should have a place like this. 

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We recently desgined & created these adorable invites for a 1st birthday party. There's a lot going on, but all of the different elements--from the chevron to the stripes to the buttons--all seem to compliment each other. The birthday girl loves buttons and the colors pink and gray. I think these invites would also pop in ombré blues as well!

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It's hard to believe it's already nearing the end of June! Wasn't it just snowing...yesterday? With the return of the sun and the warmth (and the humidity) I've tried to squeeze in some day trips to the beach, go antiquing (hold your hats because sometimes I even antique at the beach...) and just enjoy the day. 

Yesterday my mom and I took quick trip to New Buffalo, Michigan. Maybe you remember a similiar post from last year. It's one of our favorite places to go, in that it's less than 2 hrs from my house and it's got the beach, great food, and a stip of antique and retro shops along Red Arrow Hwy. 

One of our other favorite places to visit is Luisa's Cafe where you can just pull off from the side of the road and get an amazing lunch. That's three small crab cakes with crab and celery soup. You're welcome. It also doesn't hurt that it's attached to a Swedish Bakery either.

But obviously the best place to relax is at the beach. And, coming in 2nd place (right behind Holland), is the beach in New Buffalo. We usually set out there around 4pm which is when a lot of families start packing up to go home for dinner. Yesterday it was a bit overcast (which during our drive home turned into a torrential downpour) but it doesn't really matter because it's the beach. And, it looks like this. And, it's perfect.

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We've had a lot of projects going on (like dumpster diving for furniture and re-wiring an old lamp I found at the Brown Elephant) which will be up on the blog next week!

I headed out to the burbs yesterday to visit mom and one of my favorite things about going to her house (other than her cooking, baked goods, and general awesomeness) is her yard. She's clocked in an ungodly amount of hours planning, creating, and worrying about her lawn, flowers, and trees. But, if you ask me (do it, ask me) it's all been worth it. 

I don't have any before pictures, but just imagine any suburban raised-ranch built in the 1970s and I think you'll have a pretty good idea of her starting point. (Read: Timber logs for garden edging; hundreds of scary evergreen bushes with roots for days; white stones with animal-sized weeds coming through; and a multi-cracked concrete patio.)


She's planted many beautiful trees over the years (Chanticlear Pear, Birch, Crimson King Maple, Crab Apple, Redbud, Arbor Vitae, etc..) and I love to watch them bud, flower, and grow. Within the last few years, she's had a brick patio built and a stunning walkway put in that follows the slope of her yard, all surrounded by a picturesque white picket fence.  

Now, while most of this work was actually done by my mom (the brick edging in the backyard garden which loosely resembles the shape of Italy and the front brickwork which we put in a few years ago on a sweltering summer day) I've tried to force her to get some things done by a professional. 


While I love living in a loft, I'm really looking forward to owning a lawn at some point. Oddly enough, that thought makes me crave my youth. You know, when every Saturday morning was spent mowing the lawn and washing the car and every weekend was spent driving around aimlessly with friends and Slurpees, emocore blasting from the speakers...

Seeing all of my mom's hardwork and sitting on her patio smelling all of the wonderful scents brought back summer memories of visiting my grandma's house in Michigan. She had the most insane backyard garden full of exotic flowers. Sidenote: My grandma, awesome, strong-willed woman that she was, used to edge her entire front walkway in annuals well into her 80s. 

In any case, I like to think that I get my appreciation for outdoor beauty (along with everything else) from my grandma and my mom, who are very much the kind of women that I aspire to be. 

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awww, i love this post! your mom's yard is so beautiful! and that pic of grandma is a favorite of mine:) oh the memories it brings back...


Well, the final touches (for now) have been put on the walls in the office and despite it being incredibly difficult to get a decent photo in there, I managed to grab a few. 


If you remember the room before, the walls were painted a light gray (Site White by Sherwin Williams) and there was kind of a mismatch of furniture--a leftover dresser, my digital piano, the washer/dryer...you get the picture. We bought the desk from CB2 at the end of 2012 (geez, where did the time go?) and the two prints that hung above the desk were from Etsy. 

Since the room doesn't have full walls or ceilings (it backs up to the kitchen and the bathroom) I thought that nook area would be perfect in a darker color. I used the same dark gray that we used to make the stripes in the living room--partly for continuity and partly because I didn't want to introduce another color in this space. 

The other big difference in the room is that we ditched the old dresser (by ditched, I mean my mom is storing it for us. Thanks mom!) and bought two Bestå cabinets in birch with glossy white doors/drawers from IKEA. This was the first time that I picked out something that IKEA had discontinued (they didn't have the 50" doors in stock) but they had a select few left in their east coast warehouse. When they were delivered to us, one door was completely smashed and thus began a lot of phone calls and trips to the store to get it straightened out. Despite that, I love them. We opted to get the soft-close drawers which ran a little more in the Andrew Jackson department, but now I can push them closed just part-way and the Bestå takes care of that last little bit.  

The other big move was the printer. We had it hidden in the closet next to my letterpress but it was such a hassel to get up every time something was printing. So, I figured why not get some kind of industrial-skateboard-contraption and put it under the desk. It totally works like a charm and because it's on casters I can move it out fairly easily when I get bored and have printer-cart races in the office.

The last thing we replaced were the sconces. When we moved in they were something out of the 80s in this hideous plastic/metal inverted cone shape and I don't think I made it better with the accordian-chrome-task sconces that I bought from CB2. While searching the Home Depot website (which I do nightly for fun) I came across some outdoor sconces that were killer...and cheap. I mean for $39 bucks you get an antiqued brass lamp with a beehive seeded glass shade. Sold. We had a small hiccup in that the previous lights were on a dimmer switch and these new LED lights couldn't handle that. And by couldn't handle that, I mean they flashed on and off like there was a massive security breach about to happen. The simple solution for that was to convert to an on/off switch. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love mood lighting as much as the next person, but the new lights give off such a soft glow that it feels like mood lighting. Win-win.


The last task I had before the reveal was the gold dot decals. Luckily they were only $8 on Etsy becuause when I got them I was kind of confused as to what kind of design I wanted. I like things very symmetrical but I knew if I tried to put these up in straight lines or a grid pattern that I would fail horribly. So, I did the next best thing. I made it totally random. And I have to admit, it was super fun just throwing those up on the wall and saying, I'll put one here...and another one there. I'm sure we'll get some artwork up on the walls at some point but for now, I'm calling this project done.

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The office is almost done. Doors are up, walls are painted, actual office work is being pushed aside to sit on the deck, so yeah...it's almost done. In the meantime, the deck is summer-ready. I mean, aside from that snow we had last week that almost took the lives of my newly planted flowers, we're good. 








Oh, except for the part where we were going to cook some serious steaks and realized that our grill had competely rusted out. Solution? New grill. I bought our previous grill 5 years ago for Kevin's birthday and apparently that's the life span of a middle-range grill that sits outside during Chicago winters and is held together with mostly steel parts and screws. Knowing that, we decided to scale back a bit on the new guy (did we really need four burners...not really). Plus, since the new grill is smaller, I have more space to enjoy the killer lounge chair that my mom got me for Christmas. That's right, Christmas. This bad boy has been garage-bound since December and it felt so good to get him outside, propped up, and directly under the rays today. 

This post, although heavy on pictures, will lack a lot of garden information because I threw out most all of the tags that came with my flowers and plants. But, what I can share, is that we went with a mix of ornamental grasses, flowers, vines, and as many drought resistant contenders as possible. I'm all, yeah, I love watering my plants in May, but by July I'm sorta over it. So, anything that can survive the hot, dry Chicago summers and my Chicago attitude usually makes the cut.



Time to fire up that new grill and cook some fish! I'm saying fish because my mom reads this, but you know I'm really cooking hot dogs. 

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Your deck looks beautiful--so cheerful--with all your colorful plantings! I love all the pots, the new grill, that perfect lounge chair ;-), and most of all, my comedian daughter!
Where did you find that lounge chair? It looks so cute and functional!
It's the Threshold Rolston Wicker Patio Folding Chaise from Target. It doesn't' look like they have any more in stock, but I've seen some selling on eBay! I'm very pro-lounge chair...it makes sitting outside so much more comfortable!
Thanks mom! You are the best! You are also the reason my deck looks so nice :)


Hey guys...so the office project is almost complete, but like all mini-renovation projects, I under-estimated how long it would take (actually I didn't, but due to a piece that was damaged-during-delivery, we had to put the reveal on temporary hold. But it's cool. It's worth the wait.

Anyway, here's another mini project I worked on last week. While going through all of our cabinets and closets I got a chance to move some pieces around, return some things that still had price tags on them (it's true), and add a DIY touch to a few things.

Last fall I picked up this pretty sweet and really large MCM teardrop plant hanger from a local resale shop. It's solid wood but definitely had some wear and tear issues so I deicded to rub a little Restor-A-Finish over it which, as an added bonus, gave the wood a slightly darker hue.  


I picked up a simple terracotta 6.5" pot at Home Depot--complete with scratches--and spray painted it white. But, it was looking a bit boring, so I put a rubberband around the pot and painted a wave of gold around it using metallic gold paint. It's definitely imperfect but that's the appealing part.

I had caviar dreams of making my own plant hanger but decided to dash that idea and just buy a standard one. Obviously, store bought hangers don't come in a killer shade of gold, so I spray painted that, too. And, if it isn't apparent yet, that's pretty much my solution for everything. 


I'm really jazzed about the end result! Now I just need to remember to water that plant...



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Just a quick post to let you know that you can now leave comments! It's a little different than before--you no longer have to be "signed-in" to leave a comment, and if someone responds to you, you can opt to receive an email to notify you. 

I also underook a rather large project that involved completely re-doing our home office. Here's a sneak peak of the giant mess I've created. And, I spent yesterday painting two of the walls in a dark gray (it's the same dark gray from the stripes in our living room). 


Next week we'll have a full post on all the details...and ideas and tips on how to organize your office space. 

Also, did you know that one of PPP's Mother's Day cards was featured on another blog? Check it out!


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Love our new watercolor floral design? Wanna download it? Now you can! Just click on the monitor below, right click on the image, and "set desktop picture"! 

Also, to the few gents who read this blog, feel free to download this and layer some Game of Thrones characters ontop of it. 

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Taking a small break from spray-painting a ceramic pot for a pretty sweet mid-century modern plant hanger I scored at the local antique store last fall. I'll hopefully be able to get some pictures up on the blog by the end of the week.

In the meantime, it felt like a good time to make a new thank-you card. Lately there's a lot of people I would like to thank for all the awesomeness that's happening in my life and my insipiration? Well, arrows and pastels of course, together in a simple, southwestern theme. 

Has anyone else felt the need to look up bands they used to listen to back in the late 90s early 00s and see what they are up to? Just me? I guess this is a nostaglia and thank-you post all wrapped into one. 

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